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Ohio Garlic Sales

Welcome to Meadowlands Garlic Company located in Washington County, Pennsylvania! My husband and I started the business because we love garlic and were concerned about the quality of the produce we were consuming. Having worked in an office for many years, I found I really enjoyed working outdoors and found planting very relaxing!  We realized much of the garlic available at our local supermarkets was a softneck variety being shipped in from China and was laden with chemicals, making it less than ideal for eating or planting!  We also wanted a variety of garlic flavors to choose from, so we decided to specialize in growing heirloom quality, GMO free hardneck garlic.

All of our garlic varieties are hand planted, harvested and cured by our family on less than one acre of beautiful, nutrient rich farmland!  The garlic is fertilized with the use of an organic fish emulsion and we use hay from the farm to protect the garlic over the winter. Hardneck garlic is planted in the fall and harvested in the summer.  Once cured in the barn, we ship orders on a first come, first served basis to our online customers and sell fresh garlic locally at several farmers markets.

We also sell garlic scapes, an edible stalk that grows out of the hardneck garlic in June and is a delicacy to many!  A favorite use for garlic scapes is homemade scape pesto. The scapes sell fast, so pre-orders are always a good idea!

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We will start taking orders for the 2018 crop now!

Contact Us to reserve the amount of Garlic you need.

All of our garlic is sold as eating garlic and currently not subject to sales tax, however you can use the garlic as planting seed stock and any other way you choose to!  Many people love to eat, pickle, freeze, plant or dehydrate it!